About Us

What do we do?

Software development and IT consulting is a very fragmented market segment. We are uniting this market to create a network that is beneficial for every member. Alpha Software Development acquires companies and creates partnerships to extend its portfolio with a wide range of different services.

We are helping people to develop software projects to provide more jobs and opporunities even without IT expertise by outsourcing the design and implementation. The founders of the company are Hungarian people serving clients all around the globe.


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You get a complete solution

We work with professionals who have expertise in every stage of designing a software product. You get a whole product solution, so you can start using your software in production.

The pricing structure is flexible

Our business model supports customized client relationships, which helps you to have a high return on your investment. If we believe deeply in your idea, we might even do the project at a discount for a small revenue share or equity.

You always see inside the workflow

Our sophisticated approach gives you the confidence of having thyour project in the right hands. You can oversee the total process and you can also choose partial service if you only want to have the product designed or implemented.

We are effective

We like to apply practical, simple solutions on complex problems. We treat your time, energy and money as valuable resources. We are commited to give you long term solutions for long term problems. To adjust the costs to your budget, we optionally use agile methodology at the development of your product.

Our clients are loyal

The valued clients of ours don't just need a service, they want a partner. Our team is made up of people that you can count on no matter what. You satisfaction is important to us.


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