Why is the right password important?

Throughout the 21st century, wherever we are on the Internet, we have to create a user account for the most part. The average person has an average of 80-100 online user accounts. Nowadays, almost every day we hear and read writings about the use of passwords of sufficient strength. However, many people use weak, easy-to-crack passwords. According to general research, a strong password should consist of 12 characters, which, in addition to small and large letters, also includes other special characters.

 Password generators can help you create them. But these are very difficult, almost impossible to remember if you have dozens of different passwords. Thus, most of the users are spoiled to use the same password that they do not need to remember (e.g. parent, animal, love, name)

These are easy to guess, especially if you want to hack into your account by someone who already has a little personal knowledge of us. These passwords should not be used.

Many people use a password on all online interfaces, which can even be a fatal mistake. Why? Because once the email address and password are revealed, for example, after a random event, hackers will try to log in to several online sites with this data. For example, if the login information used to Facebook is stolen, then the malicious ones will try to log in to Gmail, Instagram, and other popular sites.

It doesn't hurt to change your password over time. This also makes it difficult for hackers. It is also necessary to make sure that there is a greater level of difference between the two passwords, not only 1-2 letters are changed in it. What are the worst passwords?

Many people agree that inventing a secure and powerful password is not such a complicated activity, but many do not do so.

According to the published data of the password management company NordPass, the most commonly used passwords are "123456 ; 123456789" combinations of numbers.

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