Custom Solutions

Technology development

It is always difficult to explain your idea for the first time. You assume that your programmer understood every single word of yours, but you are wondering why the end result isn't even close to what you said. Alpha Software Development works with analysts and strategists specialized in understanding your goals and to draft them into a paper what everybody understands.


After having your main points specified, our team invents the solution for you and creates a white paper of how the technological advancement should look like that you can implement anytime.


Hire us to design a custom solution for your business needs!


Listing goals

Every single software and solution solves a particular business problem. We list your goals to see what problems do you aim to solve.


Discovering objects

Objects contain data about several things across different features. To discover the objects of your system, we list the business- and technical actors of your project.


Listing features

Features define how the business goals should be attained with the solution. Listing those elements allow people to see a sitemap of your system.


Designing interaction

Defining how users will interact with the software requires a lot of research and creativity. We do our homework to understand the market, allowing your users to be happy.


| You invented something and you need a technical background to describe your innovation.

| You want to develop a product and you need somebody to figure it out for you.

| You want to reconfigure a system or adjust it to your needs, because it lacks functionality you need.

| You want to do things in a way that hasn't been done before.


Hire us to translate your ideas into technical language!